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3D in the Classroom Case Studies

Two UK schools are using Texas Instruments DLP® 3D-ready technology to bring science lessons to life.

The result has been an improvement in the pupils’ understanding of difficult topics.

“We’ve found that pupils respond well to being taught with the 3D projectors. The children are visibly more interested in what we are teaching. We use the projector primarily for Biology, but we expect our new software upgrades will widen this to Chemistry and Maths, as well as Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. The 3D projector is particularly effective for helping pupils follow difficult topics that are not easy to teach without a visual demonstration.” Claire Loveday, Curriculumn Leader for Biology at the Embrook School

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Orange County, Florida’s Ocoee Middle School embraces 3D projection solutions driven by Texas Instruments for breakthrough lessons in math and science.

“The 3D projection matches my style because it makes the presentation of the material much more exciting. Even though they couldn’t touch the components, it seemed more real to them. “For the students, the reaction is always amazement. This isn’t like the old movies they’ve seen in the classroom for years. And the image is much better than what you get in a movie theater.” Wallace Phillips, Grade 7 Science

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Boulder Valley School District Adopts TI DLP® Technology to Bring Superior Classroom Projection In 3D – for Today and Tomorrow

“We firmly believe that 3D video will open up a world of new, enhanced learning by making visualization a core support for the curriculum.” Len Scrogan, Director of Instructional Technology Boulder Valley School District

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3D Classroom Statistics


Research has indicated a marked positive effect of the use of stereoscopic 3D content for  learning, recall and performance in tests. Under experimental conditions 3D has shown, 86% of pupils improved from the pre-test to the post-test in the 3D classes. This is compared to only 52% who improved in a standard 2D classroom. Individual test scores also improved students much greater in the 3D classroom when 3D was used. Individual test scores improved on an average 17% in the 3D enabled classroom, compared to only an 8% improvement in the 2D classes between pre-test and post-test.

3D Use in Classroom the Results

Improvement from Pre-Test to Post Test in 3D Classroom 86
Improvement from Pre-Test to Post Test in 2D Classroom 52
Individuals Students Test Scores Improved  in 3D Classroom 17
Individuals Students Test Scores Improved  in 2D Classroom 8

Using Presente3D in your Classroom

What if you could create your own 3D presentation easily,
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Presente3D is an affordable add-on for PowerPoint,
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