Download Information

  • This is the email address that the Presente3D download link will be mailed to.


Software Requirements

  • MS Windows 7, Vista, XP 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (Service Pack 3), Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013(32-bit or 64-bit)

System Requirements

3D Projectors with 3D-ready support (FrameSequential Stereo Required)

  • Nvidia Quadro Graphics Card
  • 2GB System RAM

3DTV or 3D Projectors support DLP 2.0 (Side by Side, Above/Below)

  • Graphics Card with OpenGL 2.0 support
  • 2GB System RAM

Non-3D enabled Displays or Projectors

  • 3D Anaglph Glasses (Red/Blue)
  • Graphics Card with OpenGL 2.0 support
  • 2GB System RAM

About Presente3D Download

Presente3D is available for downloading by filling out the information on the left.

Presente3D is available for free and will run in a free demo mode. Demo mode presentations are limited to viewing only the first 5 slides of your presentation and all presentations are watermarked. In order to remove the watermark and to experience the full functionality of Presente3D you must purchase a license from our website.

  • [fix] 3D Interactions bug when GUI is not enabled
  • [fix] Cursor rendering fix for Side by Side and Top/Bottom Display Modes
  • [new] Official support for Windows 8.1
  • [fix] Rendering improvements for large scale images
  • [new] Support for Tridelity Glasses-Free 3D Displays [new] Support for Tridelity Glasses-Free 3D Displays
  • [fix] 3D Interactions bug for saving jump to slide information.
  • [new] ability to create a clickable object  for jumping to a specific slide using new 3D interactivity Button
  • [new] ability to launch external applications and 3D Videos using the new 3DInteractivity Button.
  • [new] ability to launch external applications and 3D Videos using the new 3DInteractivity Button.
  • [new] added ability to turn off 3D GUI in the settings menu for Presente3D add-on and Player.
  • [new] added ability to disable camera manipulation from settings menu for Presente3D add-on and Player.
  • [new] added ability to minimize Presente3D window when launching an external 3D application or Video.
  • [fix] text rendering improvements
  • [new] added ability to fix individual objects to camera
  • [new] added ability to disable lighting for individual objects
  • [fix] fixed ui graphics for a number of elements
  • [fix] several issues with standalone player configuration were fixed
  • [localization] added Brazilian-Portuguese localization
  • [localization] fixed mistakes in Korean localization
  • [new] Standalone Player added
  • [new] Export To feature in activated version (presentations can be distributed in p3dp format now)
  • [new] Output Mode, Output Device, Output Resolution, FSAA Level now stored per-user per-system
  • [new] Installer now supports localizations as well
  • [new] Korean localization added
  • [new] Watermark may be enabled on activated version
  • [new] Close button added to interface
  • [fix] Fixed a number of UI rendering issues in Presente3D Player
  • [fix] Initial state of cursor in stereo modes fixed to be displayed
  • [fix] Fixed potential Presente3D PowerPoint Ribbon crash during Presente3D Player launch
  • [fix] Fixed potential crash on lower-end Intel-base hardware
  • [fix] ui elements in dimenco mode are displayed properly now;
  • [improvement] dimenco output works with FSAA correctly now;
  • [internal] added support for automatic subscription renewals (when applicable);
  • [feature] localization of powerpoint ribbon;
  • [feature] localization of presente3d renderer;
  • [improvement] fade out effect on ui element significantly reduced;
  • [improvement] powerpoint ribbon has been significantly redesigned;
  • [fix] ability to run presente in dual-monitor environments with different resolutions;
  • [fix] dimenco, anaglyph and interlaced modes produce screenshots without ui now;
  • [fix] “sticking” ui effect fix (after dragging renderer window)
  • [internal] fixed memory leak when showing ui elements in renderer
  • Custom Extrusion Color overide added for using custom colors for extrusion.
  • New reset camera button now allows you to jump to previously saved camera or default camera position
  • Support for binary export of a presentation
  • Ability to save Full HD resolution right eye and left Eye images of a slide by using “Q” key on keyboard
  • Fix for some Office 2007 users not being able to export 3D presentation.
  • Fix for XP Ribbon Bar deployment issue
  • EULA added to installer
  • Ability to run previously exported presentation without re-exporting whole presentation.
  • Interlaced Stereo support. Supporting a variety passive 3D displays and laptops.
  • Panning support added to mouse movements by right + left clicking and dragging
  • Various improvements
  • Slide show support added. Timing for advancing slides supported in Presente3D you can now create automatic looping 3D presentations.
  • Panning Camera and then Hitting Reset keeps rotation at Panning Rotation Point
  • Auto Slide Show
  • Dimenco displays support
  • Anaglyph support
  • Stereo mouse cursor
  • Camera rotation point saving
  • Replaced and updated GUI icons
  • Presente3D Ribbon Bar update
  • Auto scale support
  • Save Autoscale Setting to Presente3D File
  • Activation UI updates
  • Settings dialog
  • Performance Optimization
  • Various improvements