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Presente3D is an intuitive easy to use and simple interface for creating 3D stereoscopic presentations directly within Microsoft PowerPoint. Making 3D presentations has never been simpler. Take existing Microsoft PowerPoint slides and transform them to 3D stereoscopic presentations in minutes with no knowledge of 3D needed!

Presente3D is one of the easiest 3D presentation software’s available today. It integrates seamlessly into Microsoft PowerPoint’s Ribbon Bar. This allos users to quickly and easily create immersive 3D presentations without the need to learn a complex new interface.

Presente3D is built to support the complete range of 3DTV and 3D projectors on the market today.  Presente3D is truly a versatile 3D presentation software allowing users to generate and display 3D content without any additional hardware.

Features that Matter

Never has 3D been so Easy Before

Add-on For PowerPoint

It allows for quick and easy creation of 3D immersive presentations right inside Microsoft PowerPoint.

Works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013

Presente3D is integrated seamlessly into Microsoft PowerPoints’s Ribbon Bar.

3D Made Easy

Presente3D allows users to easily select slide objects and apply 3D pop-out effects and thickness on any object on a slide.

No Knowledge of 3D Required

Presente3D uses Microsoft PowerPoint’s widely adopted feature set of it’s award winning Ribbon Bar to easily add 3D to any object on a slide.

No 3D display needed

Users who do not have a 3D-enabled TV or projector can still create 3D presentations by using 3D Anaglyph(Red/Cyan) glasses.

Works with Non-3D and 3D enabled displays

Presente3D was built to support all 3DTV’s and existing 3D-Ready projectors and Non-3D displays by its use of 3D Anaglyph (Red/Cyan) glasses.

Support for Stereo Images

Presente3D directly imports 3D stereo images into your 3D PowerPoint presentation, enabling you to create visually stunning presentations.

Attach Stereo Pairs

By attaching stereo pairs to existing images in PowerPoint, users can seamlessly generate 3D PowerPoint presentations.

3D Slide Shows

Use the slide show function when you want to make looping content for digital signage applications or want to create a product demonstration during an exhibition.

Uses PowerPoints Default Slide Show Function

Using PowerPoint’s default slide show functionality you can define your slide duration and run your presentation as a loop.

Create Standalone Files

Presente3D gives you possibility to export your 3D PowerPoint presentation into separate standalone file that you can share or even sell.

No PowerPoint Required

When a file is exported as a standalone file in Presente3D, you can share that file with others without the need for your users to have Microsoft PowerPoint.

We Make 3D Easier

Support for Stereo Images

Presente3D enables direct importing of stereo images into your 3D PowerPoint presentations, enabling you to easily integrate them into truly compelling slides.

Create 3D Templates

Presente3D supports Microsoft PowerPoint master slides, therefore you can create one theme for your presentation: define colors, headers and slide structure, adjust level of 3D thickness and pop up effect and have a ready to use template for presentation.

Export Your Presentation as a Standalone File

Presente3D gives you possibility to export your 3D PowerPoint presentation into separate standalone file that you can share or even sell.

Live Stats Anywhere

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Beautiful User Interface

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Sample presentations created with Presente3D

What Our Customers are Saying about Us

We are thrilled at the impact that Presente3D had on our presentation. We have always been an advocate of how 3D is changing the world and now being able to easily take our PowerPoint presentations into 3D allows us to create more engaging presentations for our audience.
Jim Chabin, President, International 3D Society and 3D@Home
Presente3D changed the engagement level of our students. Students were giving up their lunch and PE periods to have extended learning time with Presente3D. Our middle school students were sharing their 3D learning with their parents at home and were helping our teachers convert their PowerPoint presentation.  Truly an exciting experience!!
Amy Simer, Dean of Students, Preston Middle School
What these folks are up to is so promising, I playfully call it Depth by PowerPoint, and I assure you it is a good thing, and for quite a number of very practical reasons
Len Scrogan, Adjunct Professor for the University of Colorado
The audience reaction was extremely positive with attendees noting an enhanced sense of engagement with the content. There were no reports of discomfort and we were really pleased with the response
Karl Schodt, Shotz Productions

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